Sunday, 3 August 2008

Found after 22 years

Today was the day. As some of you may know I have been trying to track down my daughter who I had not seen for twenty two years. Last week I had a reply on a post I made a couple of month back called how hard can it be were I had a complain about how hard it was to track down some one, the reply was from my daughter. Since then we have talked a few times and mainly sent text messages, On Thursday I think it was we arraigned to meet, today. The last couple of days leading up to today have been frantic, trying to get things organised when all the time I must say I was past nervous. I was absolutely scared stiff, if you consider we have missed around twenty two years of each others life’s.
Anyway Today came and I was at the train station with Tracy, my legs were like jelly, I felt sick, hands shaking, I could not think straight, all in all I think I could say that I was a mental disaster area. Then the train pulled up at the station, Tracy was stood by a wall, I was further up the platform trying to see someone I had only seen in one photograph taken by a mobile phone. I am embarrassed to say I did not recognise her at first. When we did finally see each other I could not move, I had no idea what to say or do, Stacey was fighting to keep the tears back, luckily Tracy stepped forward and took over the quivering mess that was her husband and his daughter. Once we were in the car heading off to Asda we managed to start talking, a little at first but this was to be expected. Once Stacy had picked up some cigarettes we headed off to the Merry-Go-Round for something to eat and a chance to talk in a more neutral environment. We ordered some food which I must admit was in my opinion anyway was horrible, over cooked veg and tasteless gravy. Anyway after about an hour or so we left and headed back to our home so we could get to know each other in a less noisy area. By this time we were talking a little more relaxed and even managing to laugh at the uncomfortable silences. We managed to find out a little more about each other, including how Daniel her youngest son was born on exactly the same day as Keith our youngest. But Alas the time passed so quickly and my daughter and her boyfriend had to return to Newcastle. We took them back to the station, getting there just as the train pulled in, we hugged and Stacey and her boyfriend got on the train.
Stacey has sent a message saying that when they got home they had a visit from her Uncle and Aunt, no doubt wanting to know how it all went. You will be glad to know we are going to keep in contact, taking things nice and easy so we can get to know each other a day at a time, I dont want to loose her again. We are already planning our next visit, this time Tracy and I are going to Newcastle, we may also visit her Family while we are there, you never know. It will be so strange seeing her Uncles and Aunt after so long. Funny I am not really worried about that, I am just so happy to have my daughter back in my life. Thank you Stacey, thank you so much. I am also so very grateful for the support and help my wife Tracy has given me, She is my strength.. Thank You Tracy. I dont think I could have done all this without you..

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