Monday, 25 August 2008

Britain takes the Olympic Flag

Boris Johnson waves the Olympic flag

London Mayor Boris Johnson, center, waves the Olympic flag alongside, from left to right, Lord Colin Moynihan, London 2012 Chairman Lord Sebastian Coe, English Prime Minister Gordon Brown, soccer player David Beckham and Olympic's Minister Tessa Jowell. Photograph: Elizabeth Dalziel/AP

With almost a roar, capital puts on a very British handover party | UK news | The Guardian

The International Olympic Committees president, Jacques Rogge, challenged London yesterday to match the technical achievement of the games in China, which last night closed with a spectacular ceremony in the Birds Nest stadium.

Triumph of Beijing raises bar for London, says IOC chief | UK news | The Guardian.

Hmm I think matching the technical achievements of the games in China wont be too hard, most people in Britain have computers so creating an opening ceremony wont be too hard, we might have a small problem with cheating though because the IOC are not worried about making Britain look bad, anyway in Britain we have "real athletes" so we dont need to cheat. Britain will however have one problem regarding hosting the Olympics..... "We see ugly people"... And we are proud of them, we dont try to hide them from the world, unlike some countries, mentioning no names.... for fear of upsetting the 2008 hosts of the olympics.

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