Tuesday, 12 August 2008

An End to Popularity

Its over and done, the amount of people coming to Nosceres World is officially back to the normal as you can see from the picture belowNW Stats just over a week ago I got 376 views in a day dropping to 187 a few days later. I have no idea what was going on, weather it was a problem with the statistic counter that WordPress offers or that for a brief time I was popular. What ever it was it is over. Fixed or just a fad I dont know but I am back to getting around 9 or 10 views a day now. I really need to sit down and try to find out what it was so I can do it again.  Yesterday my Photography site Nosceres Digital World received 56 hits in its first day, again today 6 I think. Still never mind, I am going to Newcastle tomorrow with Tracy to see Stacey again, once again my nerves are getting the better of me, tomorrow as I get off the train they will be worse still. We should be getting to Newcastle at about 11 ish and meeting Stacey and her boyfriend a little bit later on. I will let you know how things go again. OK Im just padding this post out a bit now so the words and stuff run under the picture up there. I spent about three hours last night and an hour or so this morning renaming the photos I have on my laptop having reset the counters on both my camera and mobile camera back to zero. Now, once I get some jobs done I am going to sit down and figure out how I got all the hits last month.

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