Tuesday, 8 April 2008

Strange few days

It has been a strange few days, as you know if you read my last post my wife Tracy was due to get a call from my ex wife on Sunday night, the call came around 8pm, Tracy and my ex were on the phone for about an hour talking about all kind of things, one thing that did come out was that my daughter and son to my ex wife were hoping to get in contact with their three little brothers, Cal, Con and Keith as well as their big sister Stacey. Of course Tracy had no problems with this, we traded up to date photographs of the kids so we could see what each other looked like at the moment. Over the past couple of days emails have been sent and received from and to Amber my daughter. It feels weird mainly because these emails are being sent to the boys and being replied to by Tracy. I am for the moment not getting involved nor being mentioned in these emails incase anyone is made to feel uncomfortable, I dont want to spoil anything.

I have also been doing everything I can to find my first daughter Stacey, I dont know how these identity thieves manage to get details of people from the Internet, no idea as I am having a bugger of a time getting any information. The Newcastle civic centre could or would not help because of data protection and the electoral role is no use at all. I have emailed the local evening news paper in the hope they would place an add. Tracy has literally spent hours trying different trace person web sites trying to find her as well. She has been so much help as well as my strength in what is a weird and strange time for me being in contact yet not being in contact with my two kids from my last marriage. I do appreciate everything you have done and are doing for me Tracy, I know this is not easy for you either. Thank you Tracy. You really have no idea what this and you mean to me. I do love you.

If anyone does know of a UK based company or web site which may be of use I would like to know, if not for me then for my children who want to get in touch with their big sister.

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  1. I will always try to help you in what you want to do I hope you know that. I love you unconditional forever. xxxxxxxxxxxxx