Monday, 14 April 2008

On the Radio

Taking the search for Stacey one stage further I enlisted the media to help and called my local radio station Metro Radio tonight in the hope that one of the listeners would know were my daughter was or even that she was listening. I was so nervous when it was my turn to talk, my mouth dried up which stared my mouth ulcer up which did not help at all. I forgot what it was that I was going to say and had no idea how I was going to start of my plee for help. I managed to get through it anyway, the host of the night chat show Alan Robson said he would put the word out and be in contact should Stacey or her Mom get in touch and want to make contact, he has my email address and phone number.. So, with any luck there will be someone out there who knows of her and manages to let her know I am looking for her. There are some firms who say that they will help search for Stacey and if they are successful in finding her there would be no charge on the condition they approach the media and basically get free promotion for their company by publishing the story of my search.... I think this makes sense, I might re read it tomorrow and make a few edits.

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