Thursday, 10 April 2008

Happy Blogging

There are a lot of blogs out there giving advice and information on successful blogging, I think I must have read most of them and as you can see they have done me... Well not a lot of good. Yesterday I came across a blog about what they called B.W.O, Blogging Without Obligation or as I call it Happy Blogging. Not everyone can make one or two posts a day on their blog. There are times when I have managed two or three posts in a day and then not managed to find anything to post about for days or at times weeks. So here are the basics for "Happy Blogging" and why it was created taken from

"After coming across what seemed to be the 4000th or so post on someone's blog starting with "I'm sorry I haven't posted in awhile." I decided it is time to rethink what makes a good blog and the expectations that have come to be part of it. I am thinking that no one should utter those words again . . .and with that thought I give you Blogging Without Obligation".

  • Because you shouldn't have to look at your blog like it is a treadmill.

  • Because its okay to just say what you have to say. If that makes for a long post, fine. Short post, fine. Frequent post, fine. Infrequent post, fine.

  • Because its okay to not always be enthralled with the sound of your own typing.

  • Because sometimes less is more.

  • Because only blogging when you feel truly inspired keeps up the integrity of your blog.

  • Because they are probably not going to inscribe your stat, link and comment numbers on your tombstone.

  • Because for most of us blogging is just a hobby. A way to express yourself and connect with others. You should not have to apologize for lapses in posts. Just take a step back and enjoy life, not everything you do has to be "bloggable".

  • Because if you blog without obligation you will naturally keep your blog around longer, because it won't be a chore. Plus, just think you will be doing your part to eradicate post pollution. One post at a time. . .

I have come to think now that it is better to have one or two posts made over a week or so which make "Good reading" than have half a dozen posts which are a chore to get through let alone read, but were posted just so the search engines and web crawlers update your sites cache in the hope a keyword you might have typed is picked up by Google when someone typed a random word and searched for it.

If you want a B.W.O image code or similar on your site you can get them from "Here" the place I originally found mine and the originator of Blogging Without Obligation.

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  1. mmmmmmm I think I might agree lol love you xxxxx