Thursday, 14 February 2008

Valentines Day

Its Valentines day if you didnt know. Before I go any further I must warn any husbands or boyfriends out there to make sure your partner does not see the next line of this post as it could cause arguments as I bought my wife 48 red roses and a dozen white carnations for valentines, well 47 roses if you want to be technical about it because when we got home this morning and Tracy was arranging the flowers one of them was missing a head. Back on topic now, it has been a busy few days for me, yesterday I was at a job interview to become a Sales administrator and before you say anything not cold calling people at tea time to try and sell double glazing, if I get the job I will be working in the sales department for an international manufacturing company and thats all i will say incase I dont get it.

I was meaning to make another podcast, yesterday on my way to my interview and today on my way to my sons parents evening but forgot all about it until I was back home. The parents evening went well, Cal`s teachers have no problems with him at all now, he is settling down well and is, when he puts his mind to it is very intelligent in all the subjects he is doing at school (he gets that from me I think).

I want to take this opportunity to welcome Leky (my wife) to the wonderful world of Wordpress and Blogging, yes she has finaly succum to the dark side (and my constant comments about starting her own blog). For the last hour or so I have been helping her set up her own blog which can be found either by clicking here, on the words Leky or by clicking on the Leky`s land over there on the left side. Be kind to her as she is new to this, I am sure any advice or comments you have to give she will appreciate. Leky has a very dry and matter of fact sense of humor, but anyway you need to go to her site to find out more , am not going to tell you, lets just say we have lived under the same roof now for 11 years. All thats left now is to get her registered on Utterz so she can make podcasts as well... (I shall turn my wife into a Geek, oh yes I shall)...

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