Sunday, 24 February 2008

Terminator. The Series

A couple of nights ago I watched a new series on TV. Terminator, the Sarah Connor chronicles. All in all it was not too bad I suppose but I was disappointed in a few parts of it. Considering John Connor is now at school and nearly all grown up I did wonder why the terminator sent to kill him seems to be an old version and not even close to the technology shown in the female terminator in Terminator III a definite backward step. Near the end of the first episode Sarah and john Conor went back in time with the help of the new protector terminator to try and kill the creator of Skynet again, this time before he was born. They go back to 1997 which is obviously two years before the creator of Skynet killed him self in Terminator II, the first thing we see when the three of them show up in 1997 all naked obviously, in front of a car with what I assume is a Mother, Father and their kids. At this point one of the kids pulls out his mobile phone and starts to take a video of the three of them in front of the care butt naked. Here as i see it is another error as unless mobile phone technology is more advanced in America, in 1997 mobile phones for the most part were still analogue phones, even if I am wrong in the late 1990`s most if not all mobile phones did not even have colour screens let alone cameras and video recording capabilities. To the makers of the Terminator series I will give you a 4/10 (Can do better). You should have a look at how the Blade series is created, yes a different Blade but it does work.

To end I am looking forward to Matrix the series, well we have Blade the series and now Terminator the series so I think it is just a matter of time before they try to re role the Matrix and probably make a total mess of it.

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