Monday, 11 February 2008

Smoking fine

I have just nipped out this morning to post a letter, while making my way to the post box I was having a cigarette as usual, so there I was wandering along admiring the early spring flowers when i was stopped by a woman who told me to be careful were i put my cigarette when I finish it because she had just been stopped by a woman and given an on the spot fine of £50 for dropping her cigarette. Now you by now know that one of my pet hates is litter and the people who drop it but in this instance i think that this has gone too far. First we are stopped from smoking in public places, Bars, shopping centres, phone boxes and in time bus stops. Now it seems we are to be fined for smoking out side as well. These seems to be no end of this stupidity. If I was a drug addict I could book myself into rehab and get clean, or be able to get help in kicking my drug addiction but because I am a smoker if I want to kick my "drug addiction" i have to pay. Your taxed (a lot) on your cigarettes and your charged an extortionate amount to quit smoking, is there no end to the amount of money the government is going to milk from those of us who smoke? I am stressing now, think I need a smoke....

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