Friday, 1 February 2008


I am going to be a Dad again. Over the past week my wife has tried two pregnancy testing kits, the kind that give a pink line if you are pregnant and both did give a very faint pink line, so faint that you could hardly see it so last night I pulled on my coat and woolly hat and set out in high winds on my was to Asda to buy Clear Blue a pregnancy tester I has seen on the TV, the advert says that the tester will either say pregnant or Not Pregnant. No more trying to see the little line which is only just there under a micro scope. Anyway I get back home, test kit in hand and low and behold one minute after it is used up pops "Pregnant" as you can see from the picture above.
This will be my fourth and I am over the moon, I can not wait for the sleepless nights and green crappy nappies again. With any luck this little one will be a daughter. But then even if I were to have another son I will still be a very happy daddy. You never know I might even find the time to make more posts and updates during those long sleepless night.

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