Thursday, 31 January 2008

Facebook tester

If anything this little post is a test and nothing more which is why there are no tags on it. Before anyone squeels "BAND WAGON" with regards to my Facebook account I have had it for some time but just never bothered doing anything with it. I made the account so I could shamelessly whore Nosceres World and only today actually took some time away to do something on the account. Those of you who do pop by here from time to time "Scribbler" may notice a couple of small changes. I have removed some of the categories and taken the link for the Gallery off line, my reasons were there was just too many categories for my liking and for the past few days the my gallery has been off line.. no idea why it wont load, if the worst comes to the worst I might have to make a new one. Thats really about it, like I said this is really just a test post to see if it appears on my facebook account. (Note: I might delete this one).

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