Tuesday, 27 November 2007

Writers Block. Pt 2

It has been annoying me over the past few weeks that I have not made a post or said anything of worth here for far too long the annoyance getting stronger over the past few days, so today I come home from work with the intent of scouring the news looking for something to write about. Gordon Brown up to his neck in crap yet again, this time because of undeclared government funding. I do feel sorry for this guy at times with the amount of things which have came to light since he took over from Tony Blare, but then I get over it pretty fast. Then there is England not getting through to Euro 2008 and how the blame was immediately put on the England manager (what's his name) because of their loss, like he was in control of what each player on the field. Of course Nosceres World does have a theory why England lost against Croatia. I blame the government (of course, after all, we all know that if anything in this world goes wrong you can guarantee the government had its hand in there somewhere). This time it was the inland revenue who caused England to be kicked out of Euro 2008. Just think about it for a moment, with the amount of money each of the England team earn in a match coupled with the Working tax credits and family tax credits they will be entitled to. To hear that the Inland revenue has "accidentally" lost about 25 million peoples confidential details will worry them as it is probably worrying most of us. It will be interesting to see who the scapegoat is going to be for this unfortunate breach in the Data protection act. But due to my tardiness in keeping up with current events this is all old news and no longer worthy of a comment, so I wont. Instead I am going to let you know what I have been up to in my place of employment of late.

I am back in the technical support line again after my training, this time I am in the 2nd line broad band support department for a well known ISP, helping people who for what ever reason have lost their Internet connection, the job its self is not too bad, a whole lot easier than customer services, the only problem is the amount of people in the queue. God if my old manager knew that the average amount of people in the call queue was over 40 he would be rolling on the floor clutching at his chest and trying to catch his breath, but then even when we had over 100 calls waiting to be answered I did not hear that old song "Get out of Wrap there are calls queuing". Ah the memories come flooding back. Talking of memories I did pop by Scribblers site just to check up on what we happening in the world and noticed that he has been put back on day shift with all kinds of new clients and things to learn. Good luck Scribbler, I will be thinking about you and all your new clients while I slowly work my way through a constant call queue of over 40 people all with no Internet connection.

OK I am going to make more posts in the future, they may be political, funny or any random crap who knows, we are planning on going Christmas shopping on Wednesday. Yes i am for a short period in time going to join the merry throng of happy consumers looking to buy gifts for their friends and family not at all under any pressure from the retail hype and constant Christmas advertising that descends upon us all at this time of year. After all this is the time of year for giving... "to Multi million corporate retail giants who's only purpose in life is the quest to ever increase their profit margins".

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