Wednesday, 14 November 2007

In Training (Again).

It has been a couple of weeks since I posted anything here, maybe longer, apologies for my absence, I shall make a conservative effort to post more often about the things we all love, or hate, or for that matter couldn't really care less about. So much has happened since I last posted something, the hard drive on Scribblers laptop has died, my condolences Scribbler, if it helps Staples have external 120 gig hard drives on offer for about £59.00.

Its just gone 12:15 a.m. I am planning on going to bed but first an update about my new job, been there for about four month now in the customer services department, everything is going ok, no warnings, no problems with my statistics. While I was in training I asked about moving to the 2nd line Technical support department when they had any vacancies going. I started my 2nd line Technical support training yesterday (Monday), I have to admit it is not as bad as I thought it would be, well except for one of the trainers who for some reason now thinks that I am a no life geek who spends all his time sat infront of a PC. Why? Because I have a Blog, and that I have payed for my blog and domain name. I mean just because I have spent over three years doing tech support for computer and console games, I have my own domain, I have a blog which I update kind of regular, I play online computer games, think that corduroy jackets look smart, dont go out to the pub that much and actually do find Quantum physics interesting, does that make me a geek?

Did I mention in my last post that we have a cat now, his name is Sylvanus (Names after the Banshee Queen of the Forsaken from the game World of Warcraft) and he is a little get, he hides under the coats and attacks you as you come down the stairs in the morning, evening, night. Well if I am honest he does three things most of the time, sleeps, eats and attacks anything that moves and some things that don't move. I will post some pictures of out little bundle of fun as soon as I can. Its 12:30 now so I am off to bed. (As soon as I find out were the sodding cat has gone).

Me, a Geek? Nah.... I can`t even speak Klingon and I don't know all the Ferengi Rules of acquisition. But I know someone who does......

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