Thursday, 29 November 2007

Christmas shopping. Pt 1.

My two eldest were packed off to school yesterday and as planned my wife, my youngest son and my good self descended on our local shopping establishment other wise known as Middleton Grange shopping center, credit cards and no idea at all what we were going to buy people for Christmas. At not even 9:15 in the morning and the indoor carpark was full, so we venture outside once again and luckily find a parking place. Unpacking everything we both have what felt like our last cigarette before entering the shopping center.

The upstairs section first as my wife told me there is a shop there which is selling electric guitars, so in we go, shopping basket in hand just incase we see anything else, we finaly get to the section were the guitar is (the basket by this time full of toys, as are my arms). Putting everything on the floor infront of me I look at the guitar which looks ok, after some time I pick up the basket and the toys and continue on after picking out some spare guitar strings and some plectrums. No guitar as I have seen a better one in another shop. We head to the tills, pay for our goods and leave the shop. This is were my ears were assaulted by a wave of cheery Christmas moosak which I had not noticed before (Oh god the inhumanity of it!). Down the stairs we continue our search, the only thing we know for sure we are going to get is a new collar for the cat. About two hours later we emerge from Middleton grange battered and broken. It wasnt too bad until we left Argos with a new vacuumed cleaner and buggy, me carrying the vacuum cleaner and my wife pushing our youngest who by this time was about half way through a screaming fit as well as trying to hold onto the new buggy at the same time. Have you ever noticed when your hands and arms are full to the point were you can hardly walk without taking the skin off the back of your legs with at least three full bags that people seem to aim for you so you have to move out of their way . Anyway we make it back to the car and after some re arranging finally get everything in and head off home, happy in the knowledge that we have "some" of the Christmas prezzies for our children.

Today I have been ill so did not go into work, trying to stay as close to the area of the toilet as I could I did manage to get some things done around the house. Vacuumed all down stairs only to find out once I had done all of the down stairs except for the kitchen that the arm or the tube or what ever you call it extends so I did not have to keep bent over. Bloody technology. After about two or three weeks of looking at my PC monitor and thinking I am going to have to take it to Dragon Computers to get it fixed by a qualified yet inexpensive technician who knows his stuff, I finally decide to tidy the birds nest of wires by the computer, only to find that the power lead to the monitor had been pulled out, once plugged back in the broken monitor buzzed and sprang back to life (A MIRICAL). Bloody technology. Now to end a question I though yesterday. If I pour two bottles of beer into a glass, first one and then the second next, theoretically the second bottle of beer would be on top. Does this mean that as soon as I start drinking the beer I am already on my second bottle? I guess the same would go if you were to refill the glass with another two bottles, you would be on your fourth bottle even though you have only had two.

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