Wednesday, 17 October 2007

Writers Block

Writers block sucks in a very big way,there have been so many things I have wanted to comment on or write about over the past few weeks but could not think of how to do it. Let me think now there was the young boy drounding in a pond while the police looked on, this is disguisting what ever happened to the phrase "To Protect and Serve?" or does that only happen in the cop movies?
Burma.... Really there is nothing that I can say, I was and still am lost for words when it comes to a country blatently and in the full view of the world killing its own people because they dared to say they did and do not like something. I really dont think I need say too much on this as it is obviouse to anyone except those in power in Burma that their past actions are a gross injustice not only to Burmise nationals but to everyone.
Of late the British postel service has been on strike with four days action which almost brought the country to its knees, its funny how you dont see a service or notice them untill they down tools. With the Posties going back to work at the start of this week we are starting to get back to normal.
Moving still closer to home I am going to get a motor bike, I am looking around now trying to find a place to do my CBT, once I have passed that I am going to get my bike, I already have the helmet and all the gear I need, except the bike. Erm other things.... I am stretching my ear lobe I have a 4mm claw in at the moment so that is going well I think, I know your asking why am I stretching my lobe? The truth is because I can, I thought it would be expensive but it is not only £3.99 for the claw I have in at the mo`. Oh I have another tattoo as well on the back of my neck. I will post some pictures ect when I get a chance.
Oh I nearly forgot, I am getting rid of the Nosceresworld forum as well, well no one is using it so I am going to remove the link to it.

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