Wednesday, 11 July 2007

Possible downtime

After buying my own domain name once again I have put my hand in my pocket and payed for my domain to be hosted by a different host while still keeping with Wordpress. At the moment I am having a few Noobie problems trying to redirect the new server to my domain so there will be times when you will get errors or “can not find server” kind of things. If you do get something like this, it is because I am messing around with it so don`t worry too much. The new host has all kinds of new toys for both you and me to play with :D and loads of new pages, subjects, topics, polls and loads of reasons for Nosceres world to go off line lol. At the moment I am waiting for DNS servers of my new site to find my domain which is why everything looks well crap.
I cant transfer my old posts over either, I am getting errors saying the xml file is too big so it looks like once this thing is working and looking correct I will be transferring my posts over one at a time..... (Already loosing the will to live lol).

(Edit: All done now .. yay.. now all I need to do is move the posts from my old Wordpress site to here, one by one. I have already moved about 15 so that leaves 100+ left to do. Oncwe all that has been done I think it will be time to see what this place can do.. (other than violate my credit card). I am tired at the moment though so I think it is a qhick smoke and then off to bed. (its nearly 1 am )

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