Monday, 23 July 2007

New Job, My first day

It was my first day in my new job today, everything was… erm .. well… OK. The picture you see below shows the three buildings that make up one part of my new employer, if you look way down the road you can just see building number three, once I have finished my training that building will be the one I will be working in.

IMG_0001 Anyway back on with my first day. There was about 20 of us all started at the same time. So first things first we all lined up come 10:00 and had our photograph’s taken for out ID badges, then we all had to get on a bus to take us through to one of the other call centers in Stockton because there was not a room available to train us. The journey took about 30 minutes, once there we were given a quick tour of what will be our new home so to speak for the next two weeks of our training. We had a break for a quick cup of coffee or a cigarette and then it was down to the business of the Company Induction, first on the list was company policy. Followed by some company video`s giving an overview of the company its history from beginning to now and a video aimed more at recruitment which gave some comments made by the employee`s them selves. Then lunch. It was during my lunch I decided to check if there was a network available, so out came my laptop and off I went….. or rather off i did not go, there is no network available at the Stockton offices anyway NOOOOOO ! lol. I am hopping that my main office does have a network for me to connect to, if it does not I am going to put a request in the suggestions box asking that a wireless network be created for things like Online banking, checking personal emails etc.

The afternoon got a bit more active when we were shown the basics on what exactly happens when a call is made from a telephone and how the client I will be taking calls on behalf of routes the calls their customers make. This will be interesting for me because I have never dealt with the Land line call side of things only Mobile / Cell phones so this is going to be new to me.

Thats it for now boys, girls and those of mixed gender, i am going to settle down, have a large Rum and coke and watch the movie “Coyote Ugly”. If your day is just starting I hope you have a good day, if it is just finishing I hope you had a good day, what ever the time is in your part of this little village I hope you are safe and well.

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