Saturday, 14 July 2007

Loosing my Job.

As I said at the end of yesterdays post were I talked a little about the origins of Friday 13th I had a bad feeling about my disciplinary meeting at work to be held at 13:00 hours. I was right, I was in the meeting for just over two hours, were I was played recordings of some of my calls as well as having reams of paper pushed in front of me showing my call statistics as well as call times , all connected to one client that I deal with, one out of eighteen clients who`s calls I handle. The two Team leaders who were present were trying to push the idea that I had the microphone on my headset turned off so that the caller could not hear me. Of course I denied this and still do, I did not at any time have the microphone on my headset switched to off, there were also the odd occasion were it showed that I hung up on the caller and ended the call from my end, which I agree with, there were one or two times when I did do this, my reason? I could not hear the caller, I did not know if they could hear me but "I could not hear them". Rather than keeping them on the phone for any length of time, I tried for maybe about 30 seconds and then advised them I was going to terminate the call, this practice I thought was acceptable as others I work with have done this, in my case it was not acceptable.

By the end of the meeting, my mouth dry and my hands visibly shaking the two team leaders left the room to talk about what was to happen next, coming back into the room to ask why I did not try and pass the call to a workmate or try and get another headset if mine was faulty, in truth, I don`t know why I did not do this. Leaving the room again for two or three minutes they return a second time to tell me that they considered my actions to be "Gross misconduct" and that they had no options but to Dismiss me with immediate effect. After three and a half years working for this company I was fired because of a faulty headset. I do admit I have had an ongoing problem with this client but to my knowledge this was the only one, I ask myself would it not be easier for them to take me off the client and leave me with seventeen clients to handle? Obviously not.

Do I plan to appeal? I don't know, if I do and I will and am offered my job back, how long will I be there before I am forced out? Also I am not sure if my appeal will be successful after this editorial.

So... What now? I will spend the rest of this weekend updating my CV and on Monday, I plan to go into town and find another job. It is my plan to have another job by the end of this month at the very latest, there is no backup plan to this.


  1. Unlucky mate. I heard that you where suspended but never knew that they sacked you. I hope you find a new job soon.

  2. Unlucky mate. I heard that you where suspended but never knew that they sacked you. I hope you find a new job soon.