Sunday, 1 July 2007

June 2007

Its been a couple of weeks now since I last posted something on here, all kinds of things has happened since my last post. June seems to be a very busy month in more ways than one, the United Kingdom has a new Prime Minister, a car bomb has been found in London, the Spice Girls are back together and most of the midlands in the UK are flooded with more storms and rain forecast. I cant comment on any of them other than to say I dont know which of the above worries me the most, the new Prime Minister Gordon Brown is known to be a man of few words but lots of action but only time will tell, the car bomb found in Haymarket London W1, is worrying yes, but I believe those who live and work in the London area are used to terrorist threats, a car bomb exploding in Glasgow (thats in Scotland which is the country at the top of England)out of the above I think that the reunion of the Spice Girls is the most worrying. The thought of new fans and old fans re-enthused roaming our streets, pubs and clubs unchecked along with the fashions they will create does create some concern.

Closer to home things have changed in the world of Noscere, ending in me now living for the moment in a small one bedroom flat. I am not going to say what has happened, I have no doubts that there may be a comment or two being made on this site which will say what has happened. On this not I do want to reply here in the main part of Nosceres World to a comment made in the About Me section by someone who calls them self Flipper.

I created Nosceres world in the hope of having a site modeled on the movie "Waynes World" with views and posts about things which are happening in my world and my local area, some things which have happened in my world I have not posted here because I thought them too private and the people involved would not appreciate their personal life being made available in the public domain and so was not posted. I have never anywere claimed to be a perfect father or husband, I know I am not. There are other things I could say about the situation I now face as well as what has happened to bring me here but I choose not to, again there are other people involved who would not appreciate reading about their personal lives on the internet. I dont know who you are or were you get your information from but I do have an idea. Lets just say there is always more than one side to any situation. I choose not to publish my side.

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