Thursday, 19 July 2007

Job Hunting Update III

As I said in yesterdays post I had an interview today at 3:30 for a telecommunications and Internet service provider in the UK. The interview went well with questions which on the whole I did not have too much of a problem answering. At the end of the interview I was taken to one of the offices were other employees were working so I could listen to some of the calls i would expect to be handling, which I later found out was part of the interview. I listened to two calls and then was called out of the office by the lady who was interviewing me. I was told that the interview was now over and that the person who had held the interview would like to have me working in her department.

As I said in my first "Job hunting" Post, "I plan to have a start date by Friday of this week". I have.... I start work, well training for my new post at 10:00 on Monday 23rd July 2007. I have two weeks training and then a further two weeks in what my new employer calls the Academy were new starters are gradually eased into their new rolls over two weeks, ironing out any problems and answering questions they may have. Once this is done they are introduced to their new teams and "off you go" lol.

My new job intails taking incoming calls from established and new customers of the ISP I will be working for, taking payments for their phone call charges as well as giving technical support for people who are having problems with their internet connections.

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