Wednesday, 18 July 2007

Job Hunting Update II

After three days waiting for a phone call from the Call centre I am trying to get to employ me I finaly gave up waiting this afternoon and called them to ask what was going on and if I was going to get an interview. After my details were taken again I was put on hold for about 2 minutes, when the woman I was talking to came back she told me I had to go to the main building of the Call center tomorrow at 3:30 pm with some kind of ID such as a passport or my birth certificate for my second interview to work in either the Technical support department or the Customer services department for a popular internet service provider over here in the UK. If I am successful (which I am hoping I will be) I will start my training next Monday the 23rd July.

Of course I will let you know how my interview went tomorrow night if I get the start date I am hopping for, or even if I dont..

It was the School Sports day for my two eldest boys... It rained.

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