Friday, 9 March 2007

Nosceres World 1st Birthday

Yesterday was the 1st birthday of Nosceres World, yup I made my first post here 1 year ago....  erm thats about it realy, what have i learned over the past 12 month, well....

If you want to get loads of people coming to your site make a post anout someone famous, title it something which will be picked up my google and other search engines. Briteneys Crotch shot has been my most popular post now, ever since it was posted about 4 or 5 months ago. Video blogging: It looks eas, I mean all you do is park your but infront of a camera, talk for a bit and upload it, right... wrong. First you need to work out your script, record it, edit it (hoping you have not been booger mining), re-record it, add titles and then upload it.. hoping your connection doesnt fail.

Anyway happy 1st birthday to Nosceres world. What plans do I have for the next year? I dont have a clue, more post, pictures and videos, what elts? Lets see.

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