Wednesday, 7 February 2007

Posting Video`s … and stuff

The host I use for my side has given me the option to add videos to my site now, so I created a new account with a nifty little site that lets me upload short video`s and create a player so I can play my vids here WEE HEE how chuffed was I. So as a lil` tester I logged into my video account this morning and as a tester I start to upload a 30 video I took with Fraps from one of my sessions on World of warcraft. I get an upload time of just short of 3 hours... AAGGHH I will be at work when its done i think to myself but I set it away and start tidying the house up while it plods away. Anyway I picked Conor up from school and got a lift into work while my PC continued to upload a 30 second video for your pleasure. I have no idea what has happened but here I sit about 7 hours later and it hasnt worked, so it seems you lot have been saved this time. in the meen time I have dusted off my old mobile phone which can take 60 seconds of video`s so be warned, I am off work for the next four days and I will get this working.

After work yesterday i went to our local church for leasons my wife and I have need advised to attend to help our son when he starts his comunion lessions. We had our first chat with our local Decon about the origins of the Bible.... You know what, I realy enjoyed it, we talked about how the Old testiment started and the Gospels and I must admit I did find it all really interesting, I was very suprised.

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