Thursday, 1 February 2007

Loosing my Rats

Well a few month ago I was going on about my six ratties. As of last week i am now down to Two rats, all the male rats have dyed, only my two female rats Flick and Trinity are stil here, they both seem to be in good health and quite liverly, but then the boys did as well, right up to the point when I found them dead at the bottom on the cage. The cage they were in has new been taken to peices and packed away. We have not told Conor about the last male rat (Switch) dying yet, not because he would get upset, far from the has been looking forward to the rats dying because he has set his heart on getting a parrot once the cage was vacated. We would never hear the end of it. My wife is looking around to see how how much a parrot would cost. At the moment we are being told betweem £350 - £600 for one parrot. Ye right no frigging way.

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