Tuesday, 27 February 2007

Back at work

Well peeps I returned to work last week after my week off. What did I do on my week off, Nothing, there were all sorts I had planned but as usual things cropped up and I did nothing. On returning to work I was half expecting to get my arse kicked for the Sunday I called in sick, surprise surprise I didn't, I had my back to work interview and then was told that there were some that I work with had a few concerns about my web sit... HUH? so any way a few days later I had lets say a chat about these "concerns". Basically there were two posts they were`nt too happy about, the "Ghost ship" video were I shot a short mobile video of my office and a post were I gave the name of one of the team leaders. If I am honest I didn't think and can see their point, which is why I deleted the Ghost ship post and took the name of the team leader out of the other post, Hey, anything to please my employer after all they keep giving me money every month. Anyway they are gone and thats all I will say on the subject, on the subject of subjects I am going to change the subject now.

If you actually read any of the crap I post you will know I have recently acquired a Cockatiel who we have named Monty, well on Sunday we got his wings clipped, now he can only fly short distances so really has no choice but to rely on me and my good lady wife to help him back to his cage if his lil legs get tired or he cant be arsed to move, boy was he peeved when my wife's friends husband trimmed back his flight feathers, a big hairy biker bloke, mind i did giggle a bit when said big hairy biker bloke squealed like a lil` girl when Monty bit him.

Another subject change before I get everything ready for the kids going to school tomorrow. You may notice some of the posts have a small tan tag on them that reads Digg.. No? You will as my more "Oh shit Noscere` is on his soapbox again" posts will have the Digg tag on them. Basically what Digg is, is another Community type website were people post what they consider news or important to them. OK so my explanation is crap. Click on the Digg links and look for yourself. Why am I using Digg? To be honest I am still looking at conning more people to pop by Nosceres world and become regulars and those in the know (The hosts of this site) say that Digg once registered will pull more people to your site and that their servers can handle it so I thought "hhmmm Beer" but thats another story. I am still looking to take more video`s for my Empty video section but I cant find anything interesting enough to video.

Oh did I mention that Digg also do Podcasts....

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