Wednesday, 14 February 2007

A week away from work

Thought I better make a post saying its been about a week or so since my last. First of all Yay to me, I hit the big 10,000 site hits today. I am popular, (mm ye right) Now down to business, you no doubt have noticed that box thing over in the left side column, for those who have`nt seen it before its a Vidpod, A Vidpod I hear you think... OK its a little toy I found were I can upload video`s I have made or found, any video`s I upload to my "Vidpod" side automatically appear in the box, a bit like the pictures I used to have but these ones move. Now is that cool or what? Now bearing in mind it takes about two hours to upload a 30 second game video I take and about 4 minutes to upload a one minute plus video I have taken using my mobile phone, you can guess what it will be used for. No not that, perv, I will be taking random video`s of well stuff, work local stuff that kind of thing.

Other breaking news in the World of Noscere is, now that all my male rats have dyed and one of my female rats too (yep I only have one rat now) my front garden is more like Pet Cemetery than a garden, we have finally succumb to the parrot that Conor was asking for, well the next best thing anyway, a Cockatiel. See picture below. Yes I spent most of Friday morning cleaning and scrubbing the big rat cage the boys lived in making sure that every last trace of rat had gone ready for the arrival of Monty. He is a male who was sold or given to our local petshop because the original owner could no longer look after him, originally named Molly because he was thought to be a she, we decided on the name Monty, mainly because it sounded similar. He is about a year old and we have been told he will take some training because he is stuck in his ways.

We went into town on Friday to pick a few bits up for him (before we picked him up). Packing Conor and Keith into the car, we finally found a spot in the carpark, and Keith threw up all over, Tracy had to run into town to buy a change of cloths so we could get Keith out of his puke covered stuff and carry on with our shop. wasnt going to happen as he constantly threw up everywhere. Finally we gave up and drove home, calling into the petshop on our way to get Monty. Later that day Conor started saying he had pains in his tummy and later still he started to throw up. Tracy was at work and I was running from one part of the house to the next cleaning vomit up.. New years eve all over. This went on into Saturday when Tracy started to throw up, and part of Sunday as well. I called into work to tell them I wasnt coming in and why, much to the joy of the duty Team Leader because it seemed that I was the third to call in sick that day, it looks bad as well because the Sunday was my last day in before I started my weeks holiday. (No doubt I will get my arse kicked when I get back to work).

What have I been doing on my holiday? Running around after the kids and trying to help get the house sorted. I did get another new addition on Monday while we were getting the weeks groceries in. Monkey from the PG Tips Tea advert, he was free with a big box of PG Tips, so we bought two boxes so that both Tracy an me could have one each, though Keith has taken a shine to one of them so I will need to hide one of them when it gets close to me going back. I am thinking about bringing him into work with me when I get back, though I am concerned about the abuse he might get while there. Well that's about it really, there is not much more to say, I will try and make another post before I go back to my place of employment.

By the way its 03:26 in the morning, Keith has been throwing up most of the night, Tracy is asleep on the settee. I would like to wish everyone a happy Valentines day, but I wont because its all a load of crap designed to get more money from you, in the guise of showing the one you love that you love them and to make those who dont get a card feel even more unpopular. Just another waist of money. Take it from the Monkey, Monkey knows all.

Right Im going to try and get some sleep, need to be up in three hours to get the two big` uns ready for school.. its going to be a long day but at least I am not having to go into work for 12 hours. Oh and incase you were wondering I will be posting more video`s when I get around to making them.

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