Tuesday, 30 January 2007

Updates and stuff

Right, second post in the same day.

I have made a few little changes to Nosceres world, namely the little section over there on the right which used to be the "Blogroll" has been renamed "My Favorite sites" the name speaks for its self, websites and blogs I like. Included so far are Mercury Vapour this is a blog ran by Jamie a friend of mine and at times a bloody funny site, then there is Mark Days Comedy site another bloody funny blog site with a difference, the guy that runs it I think cant be arsed to sit any type his rants and opinions, instead he records them all on video and then posts it, finally there is Pimp my snack, You must have seen Pimp my Car or at the very least heard of it were people upgrade their cars with pool tables, plush leather or shag pile carpets and stuff making it bigger and better... now think the same but with a Mars bar, Jaffa cake or a Snickers, imagine a snickers about 1 foot long as well as instructions on how to make it. WAAAA a must for all you chocco hollics.

I will add more in time but for now these are the 1st three to keep you laughing till you piss yourself.

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