Tuesday, 2 January 2007

New Year Celebrations

My New years eve celebrations started with me being at work untill 10pm, I got home for about 10:30 which was supprising because it was blowing a gale out side. Everything was quiet at home untill about 11:30 ish when Conor my 4 year old started shouting from his room, I went up staires to find him sat in a pool of vomit (Oh Joy), so I stripped his bed and put fresh bedding on while my wife gave him a bath and took him down staires to sit with a bowl on his knee, this went on untill about 1:30 when he seemed to settle down a bit, Tracy went to bed while I stayed up a while longer with Conor to make sure he was ok, finaly getting him to bed at about 2am. Now that Conor was settled I started on my next job of cleaning up the new floods of Dog pee in the kitchen which was left after next door decided to let reams of fire works off and kept them going till well after 1 am.

Finaly I decided to log into World of Warcraft to see how the celebrations were going in Thunderbluff (Tauren capital) it was dead there so I thought I would go for a wonder with my level 36 hunter to Ashenvail (top half of map), which is contested Alliance territory (are you bored yet? ) while there I saw a level 25 grey bear which had Druid markings on its flanks, I want this beast as a pet so I have created a new character another hunter, this time Orc and am grinding him up to level 25 in the hope that I find the "Druid bear" again and tame it as a pet. He is a level 10 now after I spent most of last night grinding XP points. While I was doing this I was invited to join a new ingame guild called Reef, I dont know why but I have accepted the invite so now my Orc Hunter (Kolobos) is now a member of Reel. I think it is a new guild so I will see how it goes.

Thats about it for now, time to get on with some work I suppose.

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