Monday, 8 January 2007

Back to normal

Well, all the Christmas decorations and the street lights have been packed away for another year, we can now get on with our day to day living while trying to kick our livers and bank balance back into some sort of life again. Maybe it is me getting older now but has anyone elts noticed that as you get older time seems to pass by faster and faster, it seems like only a few nights ago my wife and I were sat up till 1 in the morning making sure all the kids christmas presents were wrapped nicely and placed under the tree and now its all over. It seems like it never happened except for the new toys my children now play with. Some of the houses around were I live still have their lights up on the outside but I am not holding my breath whle waiting for them to be taken down because one house stil has its lights up since christmas 2005.

Nothing has changed in the work front, I am looking for a new job but there is nothing going in my area, still keep looking. I need to get out of here now, the job is getting me down now, I have even concidered applying to become a road sweeper. Hey its good money and the hours are good, wonder if you have a set quota you need to do each day..... I can just see it.

Boss: Well Mr. Noscere you only picked up 300 empty coke tins and 400 Macdonald wrappers yesterday, you know you are going to have to try harder otherwise we will have to look into your effectivness as a road sweeper.

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