Monday, 18 December 2006

one Week and it will be all over.

Its been about a week since I posted something so I figured it was about time I explained why, My place of emplyment (hell) was supposed to be getting some visitors last week, a possible new game company client so being the dutifull employee that I am I downloaded their game to have a look, and a week after they rescedualed I am still playing their game, most o the people I work with dont like it but I am realy getting into it, to the point were I am going to pay to play it, meening I can log onto the servers when I want to 24/7. The bad news is my wife rushed off to work with my visa so I cant pay for the game untill she gets back in 7.5 hours, midnight to be exact, so I have to wait untill there is a space on the srver before I can log in and play... What game is it I hear you thinking? Not telling no its Knight online.

Anyway I was at work last night as i am every sunday, finishing at 10:30 I leave the building no faster that i usualy do, (running speed) and head over to my bike to be greated by s seat thick with frost as you can see over to the left, I scrapped most of it off but still had to park my dainty butt on a freezing cold seat, as luck would have it I cant find my gloves as well so the ride into work is bloody freezing. I might spend the litle free time i have tonight trying to find my other glove.

Yet another one of my pet rats died over the weekend as well, another of my male rats, leaving only one male rat left out of four. I gave Switch my only male rat a cheesie cracker last night and he acted like he was ging to tear my throat out, he is rely freaking out just now, I cant blame him realy he has sat and watched three of his brothers die, now that he is the last one in the cage he probably knows that he is next.

Changing the subject back to something a little more befitting the season, I went to collect Calum from school and was faced with the thickest fog i had seen for a long time, realy and the fog was still comming in when my wife set off to work

about half an hour later. Its like God has moved down the view distant objects bar on the world. I hope its not like this in the morning, cycling through freezing fog is not my idea of a good time.

Finaly before I try to log onto Knights online again my wife got her mobile phone back from repair on saturday which meant I get to use her new Samsung mobile because she doesnt like it, well doesnt like it is the wrong wording, she Hates it. So here I am sat with a new mobile phone which means that I can use my Sony Ericsson as a camera only untill I can get a good digital camera.

All in all a crap working week past and a new crap working week just begining, made all the more unbearable because my throat is soar, i have ear ache and back ache, Im comming down with a cold or something and its Christmas day next monday so everyone is calling the tele shopping channel I take orders for and squeeling because they cant get thier orders before christmas and it was meant to be a christmas Pressent for who ever... Well to you who are going to shout at me tomorrow may I say this to you.. Tough titty matey you should have ordered it earlier instead of waiting till the last week to do everything from your armchair, get off your ass, get out there and face the Retalers dream prayer of Christmas.

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