Wednesday, 20 December 2006

Another day off work

Went back to the doctors today, I have tonsillitis and an ear infection. I called work again to tell them what was going on, I gave still lost my woice and my throat and left ear is throbbing like mad, Block at work asked if I would still ba able to go on the phones, wehen I said thast I doubt it he told me that it would be pointless comming in if I couldnt go on the phones. I said that I could just sit and clear the backlog of emails but I was told inless I can go on the phones dont bother till i get my voice back. Seems stupid to me, I was willing to go in and clear out the emails so that everyone elts I work with could relax a bit inbetween all the "none Technical " calls we are getting, but no.

The doctor has given me two weeks supply of antibiotics to clear everything up, she has told me that I must finish the course and that I can not Drink!!!! Christmas and New Year without a beer, bugger, it didnt seem so bad hearing it but now that |I have seen it in writing I am depressed, I need a drink.


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