Wednesday, 29 November 2006

Pre Christmas clean.

Yesterday Tracy went through Conor`s bedroom and gave it a bloody good clear out, throwing out the old toys that our three boys no longer played with or were broken. It took her most of the day and the end product? A tidy room, five bin bags full of broken toys and three bin bags full of stuff for the local charity shop. Getting home from work last night I put the bin out as usual for the council waist van to collect, putting all five bags of broken toys in out wheelie bin. I woke this morning to find our bin empty and a full bin bag of toys left in the middle of the path... must have been too much for the council bin man bloke to actualy "pick it up and throw it in the bin". Anyway we went through Calums room this morning as well so now the upstairs is clean and tidy (for the moment) ready for hourds of toys that they will probably get on christmas day, play with for an hour or so and then more than likely never look at again.  The sitting room is nearly finished, should

But it is Christmas, a time of giving and the season of good wil to all.... A time of giving to the retail outlets in a rush to get a better present then who ever, for uncle Bob so that he will think you like him more (even though you probably havnt talked to Uncle Bob in over 8 Month), we cant be seen to be poor or tight with out money at this time of year, after all what would people think?

Dont get me wrong, I have nothing against the true meaning of Christmas as a celebration of the birth of Jesus Christ, even if he was actualy born in June or July and the church only made christmas on the 25th of December so that it would hopefully overshadow the pagan festival of Yule or Mid Winter.