Wednesday, 1 November 2006

Loss of Bladder Control

Thought that title would grab your attention. I have been meening to write this for a few weeks not but never got round to it, either something happened which drew me away from it or I couldnt be arsed. But not I am.

It will soon be Bonfire night (this sunday comming) for the past couple of weeks my dogs have been loosing all control over their bladder and pee`ing everywere, not just little puddles either, but rivers. This happens every year for about a month leading upto Bon fire night and for about a week after.

For god knows how long now Parliment have been debating weather fireworks shouold be banned from public sale, let me close the debate here and now for you. YES!

the kids in my area find it great fun to set rockets and bangers off in the phonebox outside my garden, the first time they did this I nearly pee`d myself never mind the ocean of pee that my dogs squirted out, this goes on right to November 5th and 6th when the Old Boys Rugby club which is about 200 yards from my house have their annual fireworks display... we are stocking up on kitchen roll and disinfectant now. Just thought, I have 6 pet rats who have never been subject to this kind of stuff, wonder if they will live through it.

Note: Im at work now so I might be adding to this through the day.

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