Monday, 27 November 2006

Lights etc

Were to start? Got to work last night to find that they have changed their Internet providers to BT Internet, no big deal really until I tried to log into TV shop and was faced with some weird Dutch error message. After my team leader saw fit to tear herself away from her rousing game of Scrabble she showed me how to change the IP on my log in and drop the firewall to let the said application through. Later my Team leader emailed me a walk through on how to change the IP address so when the unlucky few coming in on Night shift arrived I could show them how to reset the IP on their account. About 15 - 20 minutes before night shift came in Microsoft outlook crashed as the email server went down, closely followed by MSN and finally ever web application I was logged into. jumping about 30 mins later, one of the night shift realize that they cant get into TV shop, I cant get into my emails to remind me how to reset the IP address and we are left with about 5 members of Technical support (us) looking at each other with dozy expressions on our faces...... Roll out the Downtime forms.

10:30 couldn't come soon enough and I waved a fond farewell to work and headed off home, stopping off at Toni`s Parmesan house to order a couple of their large kebabs to be delivered. Further up the road I was surprised to see that Hartlepool Bough council or some one had switched on the Christmas lights on York Road.




Oh woohoo I can feel the Christmas spirit really flowing through me now.... nope... wind, sorry about that. I know the photos are not the best in the world but in my defense it was 10:45 ish at night and I was using the camera on my mobile. looks like our beloved council have really pushed the boat out this year Done bugger all again this year as usual. Oh well anyway Moving on......

Getting into work this morning was not easy, bloody wind was in front of me all the way, making cycling harder than usual. Got into work and logged on to find a que of calls waiting.. Oh joy. The day plodded on in the usual dreary manner untill the entertainment came from a most unexpected source. We had our windows washed, this is were the fun started because the windows were cleaner before they were washed, Anyway one of our managers caught one of the window cleaners and complained that the windows were now minging since they had washed them. So they went went out and washed the windows for a second time, (remember that i work in a two storey building were the front is all glass).


No the picture above does not have any reflections in it. this is muck and this is what the windows looked like after they had been washed for the second time. Again complaints were voiced, this time one poor lad got it from the Tom the site or maintenance manager (posh title for a caretaker), so the lad went outside and called his boss to say he had got 3 complaints by now that they were making our windows look shitty. So arrived the manager of the window cleaners who looked at the windows.... I dont know what happened next because we had to close the open window because of the shouting and swearing. Needles to say they were being washed a 3rd time as I was leaving work just after 2 this afternoon.

On a different note before I leave I am using a new toy to post this, something called BlogDesk which allows me to write a post off line and insert any pictures, hyperlinks and tags then upload it to my site without having to log in, Very cool, it takes all the work out of trying to put a post together now, the hardest thing i have to do now is think of stuff to write. I was given the link to BlogDesk by Timethief, another blogger from Wordpress. Thanks Timethief, me likes it.



  1. You are most welcome and I'm thanking you in return for the link love. This is my blog with wordpress blogging in it
    Cheers :)

  2. You are most welcome and I'm thanking you in return for the link love. This is my blog with wordpress blogging in it
    Cheers :)