Monday, 6 November 2006


OK after looking at one of my friends blog site and finding a post about flickr I thought I would put my flicker back on my blog. What a friggin` nightmare this turned out to be, first of all I desided that the pictures I had showing in my flickr account were crap so I deleted them all, this is were my problems started. I have spent the last 2 hours trying to figure out how to get my pictures back onto my site. If things wernt bad enough the power has cut out on me four times while I was trying to get this sorted out, I have no idea why but I have ran around the house and turned off and unplugged everything which was not needed, Washer, Calums computer, kettle the lot, the only appliences that did not get turned off were those critical to me getting Flickr feed back on my site.. My computer, the fridge and Cartoon network (to keep the kids happy and quiet).

I have also set up my site so that I can make posts, which meens I "should" have more control over were the pictures will be seen, we shall see wont we.. If you are reading this Jamie of Mercury Vapour all this stress is your fault because it was your frigging site I saw the flickr post.

Anyway all done now so I am a happy lil` bunnie, going to make a coffee, scatter the kids off to bed and have a play with flickr to see just what I can do with it.

Been to the hellhole this morning (work) we probably took more calls on the BVG lines than we ever have since we got the contract and all because of the free games that the Daily Mail are giving away, the calls are pretty easy to sort, most of them are either trying to register the game, get all the games in the promotion or wondering why they cant play it in their DVD player.

Caller: I got this urm Lion King from the paper...
Me: Was it the Daily mail sir?
Caller: ye` i think thats the one, anyway i put it into my dvd player and it wont play..
Me: Thats because its not a DVD movie sir.. its a PC game..
Caller: I dont have a computer, what am I supposed to do with it? I thought it was a film or summit..
Me: No sir it is a game, thats why it says PC/CD Rom on the sleave
Caller: Oh erm right thats what that meens....... *hangs up*

*nb think I might have used the work flickr a little too much there, wonder if they will pay me for free advertising of their site? hhmmmm

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