Friday, 10 November 2006

Dalton Park Trip

Been a bit of a busy day today and I have a feeling its not over yet. After dropping Calum and Conor at shcool , on the way in Calum desided this would be a good time to tell us he was at church this morning and if we wanted to come as well, after explaining that he realy needs to start telling us a fw days before when something is going to happen so that we can come. Anyway I drew the short straw and went to church to see Cal, the service was short and, it wasnt that bad, they were celibrating the Birthday of the first Catholic church to be built and blessed, the lateral Basilica In Rome.

So back at home we had a mad dash to get tidied up ready for the visit from a community Nursery nurse who was comming to give Conor his pre-school checks at 1 o`clock. At 11:20 we went to collect conor from nursery and take the SatNav I got for Tracy back to Tesco`s... It was crap, couldnt even find Dalton Park.

As usual on our way out we were ripped off by Conor into letting him have a ride on a car he found.

Anyway back on subject, 1 o`clock came and went so I called Sure Start to ask were the nursery nurse was and I am told that she has put out appointment in her diary for tomorrow. So Tracy desides that she wants to go to Dalton park, to see if she can get there, bags are packed for Keith and off we go.
Now this is the first time Tracy has ever took the car out of town without someone who knows the way beside her, right onto the A19 Motorway without a flicker of doubt or fear.. i was so proud of her *wipes a tear from eye*. After about half an hours drive we arrive at Dalton park and have a look around at the shops befor we go to get Calum from school.
Conor came across a small cordened off part of the center with a few birds of prey teathered to purches.


He got a little upset and started to try and talk the birds into flying away to freedom.
There are less shops there but the centre its self looks alot better than our centre. Tracy popped off to the toilet and was amazed at how much better they are than ours in Middleton Grange shopping centre, they even has little vases with fresh flowers in them.

Later at home we desided to try out a new chinees take away, The Crystal just along from Bross Corner, we ordered our usual, Sweet and Sour King Prawn Kanton style, one with chips and the other with fried rice. The servings were smaller than we usualy get but tasted alot better, will be going back there.

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