Wednesday, 8 November 2006

Anti virus change

I changed my anti virus last night from Avast back to Norton, well it was a free download that came when I decided to install a Google desktop on my computer out of pure bordom. What a nightmare it was everything elts on the google desktop installed fine, no problems there. Then Norton started and desided that it didnt want to play untill i got rid of Avast which I did when I figured out how to uninstall it. After about 20 minutes it installed (wee hee), One thing I had forgotten though were all the updates that it would need to get before it was happy.. Not a problem.. I thought untill I click on Update, Norton brouses the internet and finds 3 updates, asks me if I want to install them, I click Yes and they install, once installed norton asks me if I want to reboot so they can kick in, I click Yes and the room goes quiet as the fan in my computer stops then kicks back to life as my pc reboots. Cool I think, thinking that that is it, but NOO I still see the little red cross and norton needs more updates, so I brouse, Norton finds another to and the same thing happens, I reboot, Norton wants more updates. After rebooting my computer about 5 times i give in and deside not to reboot and get the rest of the virus updates found and installed, all the while my 7 year old son is behind me asking " Are you done playing yet Dad? You promised..." (I promised he could play Dawn of War on my PC). Anyway Norton finally got all its updates and I am protected again. Calum got to play Dawn of War.

Other stuff I have done includes getting the Yahoo task bar on my browser, i know.. So no big deal but I have just found out that I can save my favorites on my yahoo task bar and access them from home or work, any computer that has a yahoo task bar realy which will come in handy, dont know how yet though.

Anyway, Im at work now so thats about it for now.........

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