Tuesday, 31 October 2006

Happy Halloween etc…

Happy Halloween everybody.

There thats the niceties over with. Bearing in mind that autumn and winter are my favorite times of year, I still get peeved about Halloween or rather what people think halloween is, so here boys and girls. Halloween 101 A history.

Halloween is not a time when all spooky things go creaping around, its not a time when witches and things that go bump in the night occure. Halloween or All hallows Eve is the Celtic new year, its The Pagan New Years eve. Most pagans believe that all new things start in darkness, (First there was nothing) Then we are born anew in the Spring. Were do the ghosts come into it? I hear you all asking. All hallows Eve (Samhain) is also the time of year when the veil between the lands of the living and the lands of those who have left us is at its thinnest, this meens that communing or contacting them is easier. There, well.. do you feel educated yet?

Im at work just now so I am trying to get this written and posted inbetween calls and Training, as well as having to put up with the main company server, which for the past week has been crashing and rebooting its self which meens that about half of the programs that I use crash on me. Most of the time I can get them back on line without the person on the other end of the phone knowing but its getting kind of borring now.

I have just been "Fast Trained" on a new client, well new to me anyway, I am due to go back into training later this afternoon, once I have finished I will be taking incomming calls for 13 different clients. Once i finish the training I will be taking calls for the following: Take2 Games UK, Take2 Games Canada, Take2 Games US. Rockstar Games UK, Rockstar Games Canada, Rockstar Games US. Take 2 games Hints and tips line, Ubisoft Technical Support, Buena Vista Games, Vivendi Games (I have just been traind on this one.. if you can call it Trained cos it wasnt), Novalogic Games, Joytech Technical Support, NSPCC, Plan International, TV Shop, Call Navigator. I am going to get trained on a new client later, Blue Cross British Pet Charity. Geez I didnt realize there were that many, I need a raise.

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