Monday, 11 September 2006

Quitting Smoking with Zyban

Over the next 2 month I will be quitting smoking. To help me stop i am using a new drug called Zyban (Bupropion). What zyban does is work on the nicotine addiction at a neurological level by modifying the nuclei in the brain associated with the addiction to nicotine, if I understand its write up that is.
I already have the tablets, I started taking them on Wednesday last week but stopped on saturday after experiencing some pretty bad side effects. I am putting the side effects that I had down to the doctor who advised me to take 2 tablets a day, the pharmasyst agreed with the doctors advice, but the Smoking cestation clinic I went to advised me to start on 1 tablet a day. I am going to phone the cestation clinic today for advice.
If i am advised to start over with 1 tablet a day i will.
I have looked through the internet and cant find any blogs or diarys from anyone who is quitting or has quit using Zyban, so this would be a good place to start.
A little back ground info. I am feeling very stressed and emotional at the moment due to problems at home, (im not going into any details about the problems I am having) but i believe that these problems may manifest or seem to get worse because of the side effects that zyban creates.

If you want more information on Zyban there are plenty of sites available on the internet if you google it. I will add any relivent links to and bits of info that I may find over the next few month.

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