Saturday, 16 September 2006

Quit Smoking Day 5

This is day 3 without a cigarette, I am feeling ok. Dont get me wrong the cravings are there but I got some micro tabs from the nsmoking clinic which are taking the edge off things. i did have a small panic this morning though. My wife went into town before she went to work to try and find a Tattooist who could give her a new tattoo (duh obviously) not long after she left I realized that she had my micro tabs in the glove compartment of her car. I sent her a text to tell her but it was ok because she had to come home anyway.

So far the hardest part is trying to break the routine I got into, there have been a few times today when I have made my way to the front door to go for a smoke only to remember that i dont anymore. I will try and make another post for day 6 tomorrow. I am back at work tomorrow night and do have quite a routine for smoking when I am there.