Friday, 15 September 2006

Quit smoking Day 4

I woke yesterday and followed the usual routine of getting ready, going down stairs, putting kettle on and going outside for a smoke, not long after that I went back outside and had my second cigarette. After dropping my two eldest off at school I went out side to clean the back yard up, while I was doing this I had my third cigarette..... and my last. After I had finnished my cigarette I emptied the contents on my tobacco tin down the drain and then flattened the tin.
My tobacco tin I was going cold turkey. From 9:21 am yesterday i stopped smoking. It wasnt that bad a day considering I was doing it with no nicotine replacment.

Today (Day 4) I went to the Smoking clinic both to hand back the unused and unwanter Zyban as well as to get advice on what I should be doing, eating etc while I am quitting smoking. I have also started taking multi vits today to try and eas the craving. The advisors at the smoking clinic think it should be easier to quit this time because even though I was only on zyban for a short time it wuold have changed part of the addiction part of my brain.

Well day 4 and i feel ok, cravings are here but they are not too bad.

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