Tuesday, 1 August 2006

Today has finaly arrived

I havent been looking forward to today. My wife is travelling to Bristol this afternoon to go to her cousins wedding which is on Friday. She has to be at the airport by 5pm this afternoon so she will be leaving home at about 3:30 - 4:00 ish to give her plenty time to get there.
I have took some time off work so that I can stay at home and look after our 3 boys, Im not worried about looking after the boys. More than anything I am worried about missing Tracy, I am missing her already and she hasnt even left yet. I finish work at 2:30 this afternoon and should get home for about 3 - 3:15 which gives us very little time before she has to leave. Over the last few days what with work we have probably had about 4 hours together.

Still while she is away I have a load of things to do to keep me busy, if the weather holds I need to get the garden done (looking outside its raining at the moment, just my bloody luck) If the rain keeps up I guess I will try and finaly get the passage way decorated. I need to reset the network I have at home so that my wife can get files from my computer on her laptop, get Never Winter Nights up and running on the laptop so that both Tracy and I can play on line at the same time, among other stuff.
The heavens have just opened so getting the garden done is looking bad at the moment. I hope the weather calms down this afternoon or Tracys flight might get cancelled or delayed, she is worrying enough about catching the flight as it is.
I might make daily posts while Tracy is away just to keep a kind of diary on how I am coping hehe, I dont know yet.

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