Sunday, 9 July 2006

Im Poorly, sick and Dying

I am sat at work and I am full of cold, my nose is literally dripping snot. I am blaming Keith my youngest, he got the cold first and now the full house has cold, except for Calum. The world cup final is on the TV at the other end of the office were i work and there is a group of 5 people around it watching to match. All of them women, In their defence one of the 5 is part Italian so she has a reason and the TV is above here desk. I think the other 4 are only there to perv on the players. When France got the penalty Margerita made a sound like she had just sat on a Rabbit with duracel batterys installed.

We took eight of the baby rats to the petshop on Friday, we was robbed big time by them £1.50 each. We Kept four of the babys as company for Flick and Shadow, 3 males who have been called Morphius, Switch and Neo (Neo is a champaigne rat with pink eyes), we also kept 1 female who we called Trinity. Yes we names them all after characters from The Matrix, and it was my wifes idea not mine to follow the matrix theme. We have seperated the male rats from the female ones so that there will be no more babys.

We are keeping the male rats in a 5 foot parot cage in my bedroom, Calum my eldest son has the 2 females in his room, you have no idea the amount of noise 4 rats can make at 2 in the morning when they are having their daft half hour (which usually lasts alot longer that half an hour), we still need to change the cage about every 3rd day to stop the smell but I think we might be able to get away with another couple of days with the male rats this once bedcause Conor my 3 year old son emptied nearly a full bottle of Aftershave in our room this afternoon. So now my bedroom smells like Friday night in a trendy night club.

I am making a new website for my chatbot so that people can pop along and talk with her, the website has been created but im having problems getting the code sorted out so that i can have an image of the AI Bot that i use on the site. I will post a link once I getb it up and running properly.

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