Monday, 12 June 2006

The long Awaited Pics

Due to popular demand well Scribbler here are some pictures of my baba ratties. We have tried to find out thier sex and at the moment most of them seem to be male. I will post more about the last week or so later as my bandwidth is being sucked dry from something or other.
These are all the Not Black ones
These are the Champaign coloured babys, Kind of weird how we got these colours as both Mom and Dad are both Dark chocolate and white. The Rat forum I am a member of say that its not that uncommon to get different colour rats in a litter, even getting albino rats in a litter with Black parents.
A kind a White rattie
I took this one out of the tank they live in earlier tonight while Tracy kept Flick occupied. It jumped out of my hand and nearly escaped, just like her mother when we first got her from the pet shop.
Nutha Whiteish one
We have been intouch with the petshop to ask if they wanted to buy them from us, well they are only here because they told us that Flick was a male rat. They offered us £2 per rat, (they sell thier rats for £6 which meens they will get almost a 200% profit from us).So rather than sell them back to the petshop, they are going Free to a good home as pets. Not Snake food. We are keeping two of the litter a male and female as companions for Flick and Shadow, (who is getting big now, Realy big).
This one looks like his Mom
This one looks like its Mother, yes its my hand holding him.
Tubby Rattie
I want to call this Rat Tom after someone I work with. Not because he is a rat but because of its little beer belly.

Now totaly off topic, we had chrispy lamb pancakes for tea when my wife got in from work at about 10pm while watching Raiders of the Dammed on the horror channel. It was gross I dont think I have ever eaten anything as nasty as this in a long time, even brussel sprouts (which taist like fart) dont taist as bad is the pancakes did. The only food I can think of which could be worse is Olives, now they are a bad food. The movie sucked as well.

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