Tuesday, 23 May 2006

Too Late I think.

At the end of last week we seperated Flick and Shadow, after we had it confirmed that flick was a girl, we went out and spent about £30 on a rat cage for Shadow, sadly though all too late. Flick is pregnant. Either that of over the past few days she has grown a rather large beer belly. We think she is pregnant. Luckely the shop were we got flick from said that they will take any babys if she is pregnant as they told us that she was a he when we got her.
Changing the subject swiftly it has been raining now for 3 days solid, it did not let up untill about 6pm last night, everything in my garden has almost doubled in size. I am thinking about applying for a licence to turn my garden into wild life sanctuary, that way I dont have to try and battle my way through the grass and weeds with my lawn mower.
Our local supermarked closed down a few month ago and has re-opened again undre a different name, So we now have a Netto just around the corner, when the shop first opened there were signs in about a 1 mile radius advertising the opening of the store. the carpark was full on the first day it opened, Wonder if they had a promo on. I havnt been there yet, might go sometime in the future though. You should check Jamies website Mercury Vapour.com for more info on the new store, no douobt he has already been there. the link is over there on the left side of the page.

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