Wednesday, 24 May 2006

New Additions

Flick was pregnant but shes not now. I got a message on MSN from Tracy (my wife) telling me that there is blood on the rats bedding, and after about an hours worth of squeeking she has had her babys. I dont know how many or anything yet because I am still at work. I will be going right upstairs as soon as I get home to check on the new Mom. I have been asked to post a few pictures of the babys on the rat forum i am a membar of.
Will post later with pics. I am going to check up on Jamies website now because he is complaining that no one has left any comments on his site for a while.

Just got back from Jamies website, it seems that he has been loosing readers, so he has desided to poat an update everyday until the end of next month in an attempt to win back his adoring public. *laughs at self* I dont even know if I have any regular readers.

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