Saturday, 13 May 2006

Flick (etta) !

For a while now my wife has been wondering why Shadow seems to have balls and Flick doesnt, at first we thought it was because when rats get to a certain age they can withdraw thier balls whenn they are unsure or worried, after while we noticed that Shadow was bigger than Flick even though he was younger, anyway this morning we bit the bullet and desided to find out what sex Flick was once and for all, with alot of squeeks and me geting bit a couple of times by Flick we finaly found out why Shadow is bigger that Flick and why his balls seem bigger. Flick is a Flicketta, Yep Flick is a GIRL!
So far she is not pregnant, but not for the want of Shadow trying. (Flick is his little hump toy at the moment). We are going to go into town on Monday and get a rat cage for one of them, before its too late. We might have to have a word with the shop were we got the both of them from to let them know, that way if Flick is up the duff we might be able to pass them on to the shop.