Thursday, 11 May 2006

Flick at the Vets

We have had to take Flick to the vets this morning, for the past few days he has had his head turned over to the right side for most of the time, he has also been loosing his ballance a few times while climbing. Anyway the vet looked at his, patted him softly on the back and told be that he thinks that Flick is too young to have an ulser (whhoo) but that he thinks that Flick has an inner ear. The vet gave us some antibiotics to put in Flick and Shadows water and that was it, Oh did I mension that we were charges £9.60 ? i wasnt in the vets room for more than 2 minutes, the vet looked at him, gave him a pat on the back of the neck and we were charged almost £10 for it. We have been asked to go back to the vets again next week to check to see if Flick is ok.... erm No, I think not, unless he is still not back to normal.
Both my wife and I have been talking, we think that Flick might be a female rat, Shadow is most definatelly a male rate, we can still see his balls, Shadow is also younger than Flick by a good 2 weeks, yet is alot bigger than him. If Flick is a little girl rat, we are going to have to seperate them. We dont want any lil` baby rats, we have enough now. 3 children, 3 dogs and 2 rats.
I want to be a vet, good money making there, We have already spent over £200 when wehad to get the end of Lou`s tail amputated.

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