Saturday, 8 April 2006

What a Week

Well, its been one hell of a week, last Sunday was my first day back at work for two weeks, litteraly within the first two or three calls I get some American guy demanding to speak to my suppervisor, shouting and screaming at me for advising him there were no supervisors available, There were no supervisors in. anyway he took my name and advised me that he is going to put an official complaint in about me and get my ass rode. On Monday I get an English guy shouting and swearing at me because his saved game on The Elder Scrolls Oblivion was currupt, he was about 60 percent way through the game and had been over writing his saved games in the same slot on his memory card, so he had to start from the beginning again. He didnt seem to comprihend the fact that currupted saved games happen and that once a save is currupted no saved game data can be retrieved. Anyway I hung up on him. A little advice here, "Never over write your saved games and only have one slot, always try to have at lease three saved game slots, that way you wont have to start over if you do get a currupt save".
Finally to cap the week off The file manager for my site went down on Tuesday night, so I couldnt update anything, it did come on line, but only for short periods of time, like 2-3 minutes. So I quite with that Host and registered with this one, loosing about 4550 Mb of web space, but this host IS reliable..

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