Tuesday, 18 April 2006

Still Sleepless.

Its just gone 05:20 am, I have been ot of bed since 03:30 this morning, I finaly gave up after Keith had been awake and crying since about 2:30 ish (it was dark, I couldnt see my watch). The kettle is on and Im gonna have my first of many cups of coffee... We`re out of sugar so I am having to make do with sweetener till I get to work.

Still my time out of bed has not ben a waist. I have finaly succome to the evil of a blog/journal client, thus the flash intro which redirects you to here, this way I dont have to mess on telling everyone I am using wordpress now, and they dont have to fanny on with a new address. I have done this because... to be honest I couldnt be arsed to mess on with all the codes and upkeep of a website which is basicly a journal, what with all the archiving and chocked up codes which knock the full site to pot. Why put up with the headaches when I can use a client which does it all for me. I see now why Jamie uses Blogger.com for his site, its a hole lot easier.

If I come up with any ideas as to what I can do with my site, other that use it to redirect people here then I will do something. :)

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